38 Infographic Submission Sites List to Build Backlinks

Have you ever designed a fantastic infographic and then had to wait for weeks, and months hoping that high-quality infographic websites would share a link to your content?

However, if you don’t have a list of infographic submission websites readily available, the process can become a bit of a hassle. This is because you’ll end up investing a significant amount of time in the search for these submission sites.

In this blog, I’ll share with you 38 websites where you can submit your infographics to get better search engine rankings (SEO) and bring more interested visitors to your data visualizations.

What is Infographic Submission?

Infographic submission is a part of off-page SEO activity where a link builder and a graphic designer collaborate. The primary aim is to acquire backlinks. The graphic designer creates top-notch infographics, and the link builder identifies websites that accept infographics and submits them to those sites.

Infographic Submission Sites List

To help you get started with your infographic submission journey, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top infographic submission sites for 2023. 

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Types of Infographic       

  • Verses infographic for a comparison
  • Flow chart
  • Visualized Article
  • Number information
  • Useful Baits
  • Timeline

Benefits of Using Infographic Submission

  1. Pictures with words help people understand quickly.
  2. Infographics look good and are easy to get.
  3. They make your product look cool and interesting.
  4. Less reading, more looking – people like that.
  5. You can easily share them for more views.
  6. They boost your website’s rank on Google.
  7. Show off your knowledge and research.
  8. Prove you know a lot about your product.
  9. Infographics can bring lots of visitors to your site.

The Complete Guide to Infographic Submission Sites

If you take a closer look at the word ‘infographic,’ you’ll notice it’s a mix of ‘information’ and ‘graphic.’ An infographic is a creative and informative visual content that helps users explore your information through pictures.

Infographic submission is a modern and effective SEO technique used on social media.

Infographics are a type of visual representation that combines information or data in a clear way. They’re increasingly popular on the internet for sharing information and building links.

By blending great visuals with useful data, you can create an engaging infographic that presents interesting information.

What Do You Need to Submit an Infographic-to-Infographic Submission Sites?

  • Start by compiling a list of the best infographic websites.
  • Craft a catchy title for your image (up to 70 characters).
  • Ensure the image directly relates to your project and includes your project’s URL.
  • Write a brief description with anchor text (up to 150 characters).
  • Include 3 to 4 relevant tags.
  • Don’t forget to add your website’s URL.
  • Lastly, use keywords as anchor text where appropriate.

Steps for Infographic Submissions

First, begin by visiting the website and locating the login or registration page. Sign up for an account.

You also have the option to use third-party login methods like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Submitting Your Infographic

Second, after signing in, take a moment to complete your profile. This step is crucial for building credibility. Once your profile is ready, you can proceed to submit your infographic in the relevant category.

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Important Tips


  • Ensure your infographic is not only informative but also visually engaging, enticing users to share it.
  • Save the image with a descriptive filename that includes relevant keywords. Avoid using generic names like “562dkjfdk.png” as it can harm your SEO efforts.
  • Keep your author profile complete on infographic websites to leave a positive impression. An incomplete profile may have a negative impact.
  • Make effective use of relevant tags to improve discoverability and reach.

Why Your Infographic Might Get Rejected by Some Submission Websites?

  • Your infographic may not be correctly formatted or could be incomplete.
  • The title of your infographic might not align with its actual content.
  • The sequence of information in your infographic might be disorganized.
  • The graphics in your design may not have the right orientation or angle.
  • You may have chosen an inappropriate font for your infographic.

What Is the Best Infographic Submission Website?       

Here’s a quick look at the top 10 free websites where you can submit your infographics.

Reddit Infographics

Reddit Infographics

Reddit has a dedicated subreddit for sharing infographics. However, it’s important to note that there are specific guidelines you need to follow to ensure your infographic gets accepted. These rules can be found on the submission page. One key rule is to avoid excessive self-promotion or promoting a single company or product.



Visual.ly is one of the best places online to share your infographics. It has an active community of people who love visual data. With Visual.ly, you can showcase a collection of your infographics and make sure people know your website as the source by adding a link in the description.

Infographic Bee

Infographic Bee

Infographic Bee is a very user-friendly and free website for submitting infographics online. The site’s homepage has a high Page Authority score, which is great for boosting the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits of the backlink in your infographic’s description.

Cool Infographics

Cool Infographics

Cool Infographics is a well-loved website for sharing infographics. It started in 2007 and is famous for displaying excellent data visualizations and infographics.

Infographic Plaza

Infographic Plaza

Infographic Plaza is another website to share your infographics for better SEO and getting your brand noticed. What makes it unique compared to other sites on this list is that it also offers a service to distribute your infographics.

How Do Infographic Submission Sites Work?

Infographic websites follow a simple process. Content creators start by making an attractive infographic. They then upload it to these platforms.

Usually, they include important information like a title, description, and relevant tags or categories to describe the content accurately.

Once submitted, the infographic goes through a review to check if it follows the site’s rules.

If it gets approved, the infographic becomes visible to everyone on the platform. Users can see it, share it, and even put it on their websites or blogs.

How to Optimize Infographics for Search Engines?

To make sure more people find and see your infographics, it’s important to optimize them for search engines. This means using relevant keywords in the infographic’s title, alt text, and description.

Also, improving the file name and format can help search engines find and rank your infographic higher in search results.

Here are some helpful tips to boost your infographic submissions:

  • Create visually appealing infographics.
  • Use accurate and trustworthy data sources.
  • Make sure your infographics work well on mobile devices.
  • Enable easy sharing and embedding options.
  • Keep an eye on and analyze performance metrics.


I hope this list of more than 38 infographic submission sites proves useful to you. As you’ve seen, there are numerous free infographic websites available for your business. Some of them are highly regarded as top choices for SEO link building through infographic sharing. You can select your preferred websites from this list for promoting your infographics.

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