Free Ping Submission Sites List [Updated] 2023

Have you ever thought about indexing your website quickly on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others? If yes, you are in the right place. 

In this blog, I’ll tell you one of the best techniques is “Ping Submission.” Additionally, we’ll discuss what Ping Submission sites are, their benefits, and how they can help you boost your website’s indexing and organic traffic.

So let’s start, 

What is a Ping Submission Site?

What is a Ping Submission Site?

A Ping Submission site is a web service where you submit your blog URL or website URL to notify search engines and other web directories to index your website quickly. 

Think when you publish new content or make changes to your existing or new blog. If you are thinking about a faster index on search engines, you have to use Ping Submission sites because they can help you index and crawl your blog or website faster.

The ping submission site is straightforward to use; you need to submit your blog URL on ping sites, and after that, a ping submission site works automatically. 

What is Pinging?

In off-page SEO, pinging is the process of submitting your website to ping submission sites to tell search engines about changes or updates you have made to your website. 

This is one type tool in which you can also get backlinks for your website, which can help you enhance your website visibility and ranking on search engines. 

Many bloggers or website owners try to index their websites fast on search engines but need help. So, in that case, I recommend you use Ping submission sites, which help you index your website quickly. 

93+ Free Ping Submission Sites List

To help you get started with Ping Submission, I have researched some of the top 93+ free Ping Submission sites. These sites will aid in boosting your website’s indexing and improve its visibility on search engines.

Sr. No.Ping Submission Sites ListPaid/FreeStatus
26Domain PingerFreeLatest
27Excite SubmitFreeLatest
28Ping My LinksFreeLatest
29Ping My URLsFreeLatest
30Ping O MaticsFreeLatest
42Use MeFreeLatest

Benefits of Ping Submission Sites

Benefits of Ping Submission Sites

Ping Submission sites offer various advantages to your website that can positively impact your website’s strong search engines.

Many SEO experts are using ping submission sites during off-page SEO. Let’s look below at some of the advantages of Ping submission sites

Increase Google Crawl Rate

If you are SEO, then website indexing is most important on search engines. In case you ping your website to index your website or blog on search engines. 

If you are making regular ping submissions for your website, it will help you increase the crawl rate on the Google search engine. Many digital marketing experts try to submit their URLs to the Google search console for index, and it is also good if you are doing, but make sure before submitting to the Google search console, you first have to know everything about Google guidelines because it works as per Google guidelines. 

When you request on the search console after, it takes at least one week or sometimes a month, so be patient when you submit. So, in this case, don’t depend only on Google search console; in this situation, you can use ping submission sites. 

Ping Submission Sites Allow Free Ping Submission

The best part about Ping Submission sites is that they offer their services for free because many ping submission sites provide to ping your website for free. So you can easily use these ping submission websites to get a fast index of your blog or website without any cost to notify search engines about your site updates. But also, many ping submission website owners ask you to pay to ping your website. 

Making ping submissions, you can tell the Google search engine to index your blog, but there is no guarantee that your webpage will index. 

Increase Website Ranking on SERP

Increase Website Ranking on SERP

As we have already discussed, a ping submission site can help you to do faster indexing of your content on search engines, but you can get high-quality backlinks for your website. 

So whenever you think of making a ping submission, first find out high-quality for ping your website because it can help you generate backlinks that can lead to improved rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

By using Ping Submission sites, you can enhance your website’s visibility and attract more organic traffic.

How to Get Your New Website Indexed? –

For example, if you have a new blog or website to get your website indexed by search engines, then please follow our few simple steps:

  • The first thing you need to build a sitemap on your website. For the sitemap, I recommend using the Yoast plugin on your website because I am also using the same plugin for my website. 
  • Once you have created a successful sitemap, you have to submit it on the Google search console.
  • Now you need to set up the RSS feed. 
  • You can also use social bookmarking. 
  • Ensure you have created social media profiles like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more, to which you need to add your website URL. 
  • Find out free ping submission sites and submit your blog URL for ping.  
  • Before submitting your website to Ping Submission sites, ensure that your content is valuable, relevant, and well-optimized as per SEO guidelines.
  • Add your website manually to popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Use the list of Ping Submission sites from our website to ping your website and tell search engines about your website or blog to index.
  • Build quality backlinks to your site because It can positively impact your website’s indexing and organic traffic. 
  • Write quality content rather than quantity. 

How to use These New Ping Submission Sites?

If you use high DA (Domain Authority) ping Submission sites, you can easily index your website. Below are the steps:

  • Choose a high-domain authority ping submission site from the list that we have provided in this blog.
  • Once you have selected ping submission sites, enter your website or blog’s details, such as URL and title, and remember to choose the category.
  • Every required detail full fill correctly. 
  • Now add your website URL to ping sites to submit your website for index. 
  • Click on the “Ping” or “Submit” button to send the request.

By following the above steps, search engines will be notified of your updated content or new website, and your websites will be indexed soon.

Once you have done it correctly, after 24 hours, your website will be indexed on search engines. 

How Is Ping Submission Important in Off-Page SEO?

Ping Submission is a valuable off-Page SEO technique in which you must submit your blog URL to ping submission sites. By ping submission, you can also get high-quality backlinks for your website to improve its visibility and authority. 

As an SEO expert, I always choose ping sites for my blog to get a fast index on search engines.  

What Is the Best Free Indexing Site?

While many free Ping Submission sites are available on the internet, such as Pingler, Ping-O-Matic, Feedburner, and many more, let’s explore some of the best 10 free ping submission sites listed.

We have also linked each ping submission site, so if you want to know more, click on the ping sites to learn more about them.

By using these ping sites, you can also ping your backlink for faster indexing, which can help you boost your website traffic on search engines. 


Ping-O-Matic is a popular and reliable Ping Submission service that pings multiple search engines and directories at once. It works on numerous services like Superfeedr, Spinn3r, Feed Burner, and 


Pingler is one of the most valuable tools that offer a user-friendly platform to ping your website for indexing. If you want to go with the Pingler tool, you need to submit details such as Title, URL, Category, and ping service; after that, click on the ping button.

Feedburner Ping

If you have a blog with an RSS feed, you can use Feedburner Ping tools because it can be highly beneficial in notifying search engines about your latest blog posts. Google itself owns a Feedburner Ping tool for feed management. 

Total Ping

Total Ping is another excellent Ping Submission tool that offers international and English pinging services that can quickly tell various search engines to index your blog and is suitable for pining your website.

Ping My Links

Ping My Links is a free and paid service and efficient tool to ping your website and index it faster on search engines. Register your account and submit your website URL to ping and index. 


If you want to ping your URL in bulk, then the WMTools ping tool is good for you because you can ping multiple URLs simultaneously. WMtools also offers many SEO tools, such as Ping Submission, Domain age checker, Whois lookup, Keyword suggestion tool, Heading checker, Slug Generator, and many more. 


PrepostSEO provides a reliable and straightforward Ping Submission service to get your website indexed swiftly. Using the PrepostSEO tool, you can ping your URL up to 10 at one time. PrepostSEO tools also offer many SEO tools for improving your website visibility. They offer both tool-free and paid services so you can choose according to your requirements. 

Mass Pinger

Mass Pinger allows you to ping multiple URLs, in which you must add your URL and keyword. By using this tool, you can save time and effort because in which you can add multiple URLs for the indexing process.

Bulk Link

A Bulk Link ping tool is user-friendly for submitting URLs to search engines. It offers one of the best functionality where you can choose any search engine at one time, such as Bing, Google, DuckDuck GO, and many search engine.


PingFarm is a free service that allows you to ping your URLs. It offers multiple services to ping, like,, Feed Burner, Syndic8, NewsGator, My Yahoo!,, and many more. In the PingFarm ping tool, you need to submit your URL like this, then after Keyword and RSS feed. By doing this, you can easily ping your blog. 

How To Find Out Best Free Ping Submission Sites?

See, many free ping submission sites are available, like Feedburner, Pingler, Bulk Link, and many more for ping your blog or website. 

If you need to learn how to find the best free Ping Submission sites, then don’t worry; below, I will give you some search queries to find out which you can use to find.

Search query for find out free ping submission sites:

  • Free website submission
  • Ping my website URL
  • Pinging sites
  • URL submission sites list
  • List of ping submission sites
  • Blog & website pinging sites
  • Search ping submission
  • Free search engine submission sites list
  • Ping submission sites
  • Free ping submission sites
  • Ping my website to search engines
  • Free link submission sites list

Once you have searched on the Google search engine after seeing many free ping submission sites available, choose any one as per your requirement and submit your URL. 


Ping Submission is a valuable off-page SEO strategy. By doing this, you can significantly enhance your website’s indexing faster and visibility on search engines. By using the list of free Ping Submission sites we have listed above, you can easily index your blog or website and get more organic traffic. 


Can you earn a quality link from ping submission?

By Ping Submission sites, you do not get quality backlinks because their primary purpose is to tell search engines about your content updates for faster indexing.

Do these websites help index the backlinks quickly?

Yes, Ping Submission sites can help index your website’s backlinks faster.

Is Ping Submission simple to complete?

Yes, Ping Submission is a simple process for putting your blog URL to ping submission sites.

Do these sites help enhance website ranking?

Yes, ensuring faster indexing of your blog can positively impact your website’s rankings on SERPs.

How can I search for Ping Submission sites for indexing?

You can find Ping Submission sites by conducting online research, but finding suitable ping sites is challenging because you need to spend a lot of time seeing them. Don’t worry; above, we have listed free ping submission sites so you can use these for your website.

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